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What is the Organisations & Business Names search?

The Organisation & Business Names search provides information on organisations and business names recorded on ASIC's registers.

Some of the organisation types that can be searched include:

  • companies
  • business names
  • registered bodies
  • foreign companies
  • associations
  • managed investment schemes, and
  • non-registered entities.

What information will I see for free?

The information you receive will depend on the organisation you are searching for. Some examples of information we provide for free include:

  • organisation name
  • unique identification number (ABN, ACN, ARBN, ARSN)
  • type of company
  • registration date
  • next review date
  • locality of registered office, and
  • whether the organisation holds a professional license or registration (for example an AFS or credit licence).

How does the UK Companies House Company Name search work?

This service provides an 'alphakey' search of the Companies House company name index, and returns the nearest or exact match.
The index provides a strict alphabetical search on the supplied name. It is therefore important that you make your search criteria as precise as possible.
There are four main indexes that can be used. Please also note that the names and details of Limited Liability Partnerships as well as companies may be accessed through these indexes.
  • LIVE - All live companies and those dissolved within the last 12 months.
  • DISSOLVED - Companies that have been dissolved in the last 20 years.
  • FORMER - This will search against all previous company names (where a company has changed its name) for a period of 20 years.
  • PROPOSED - This is a list of proposed names that may be used to incorporate or change the name of an existing company. Some proposed names will not have been allocated a company number (if they have been rejected or the company or LLP has yet to be incorporated). Under these circumstances, you will not be able to obtain any further information.
Please note name searches only allows one index to be interrogated for each request.

Status (Company Index Status) can have the following values:

  • EFFECTIVE - Proposed Name accepted for processing.
  • REJECTED - Proposed Name Rejected.
  • REMOVED - Removed from register (Converted or Closed).
  • CNGOFNAME - Change of name
  • INLIQ - In Liquidation.
  • STATUSR - For a Scottish company, this will indicate that the company is in receivership. For English/Welsh companies, the "receivership" flag may mean that one or more of the company's properties has gone into receivership. Further information can be obtained from the Company Details Service.


What is a PPSR Registration?

Registrations are security interests registered against specified collateral.
Collateral is any form of possession, not including land, such as cars, boats, art, shares, livestock, intellectual property or licensed rights.

What is a PPSR Grantor?

A person or organisation who owns or has an interest in the personal property to which a security interest is attached.
A grantor includes a person or organisation who receives goods under a commercial consignment, a lessee under a PPS lease, and a transferor of an account or chattel paper.

What is a Secured Parties?

A secured party is any entity (individual or company) that has interest in collateral.
Basically, this means that the specified party has an interest in seeing that the total value of the collateral is paid in full to the provider of the collateral.
These parties use the PPSR to register the value and information related to their collateral for public use, and to protect themselves against loss.