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Welcome to eSearch

Our main features include:-

  • No application or account-keeping fees
  • eSearch does not charge any fees to set up an account nor does it charge any ongoing fees to maintain an account.
    Fees are on a usage basis only!

  • We have an iPhone App (iSearch AU)
  • Our simple to use iPhone App is now available!
    Searches available include:-
    • Australian Business Register
    • Organisation Search & Extracts (Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom)
    • Person Name Search & Extracts (Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom)
    • National Business Name and Business Name Holder Search & Extracts
    • Login facility for eSearch Account holders to revisit their searches

  • We also provide ABR, ASIC, Australian Land Titles, NZ Companies Office and UK Company House
  • eSearch is an Approved ASIC Information Broker.
    Our eSearch services not only includes standard ASIC search facilities but also extends to other government agencies data searching including Australian Business Register (ABR), New Zealand Company, United Kingdom Company searches and Australian Land Titles.

  • Trained and experienced support staff are ready to take your enquiry
  • A response to your enquiry, request or how-to is ready to be answered promptly!

  • Additional discounts available for high-end users.
  • Contact us to discuss if additional volume discounts are available on top of the already heavily discounted prices!

     Prompt, Efficient and Quality Customer Service at a competitive price is our constant mission.